Elphius Flux Handmade Custom Order Furni

at Elphius Flux we design and create unique furniture for your business.

If you want a single piece for your salon custom making then we can help, if your restaurant needs a stunning and individual  bar, then we are there for you . from office desks to full shop fit,no matter what your business is, we can sort that out.

We have worked with some fabulous businesses helping to bring their visions to light and created some unique looks for them along the way 


Elphius Flux Handmade Custom Order Furni

At Elphius Flux we understand that not everyone wants an "off the peg" look to their home and we can help you with creating a look as individual as you are.

If you cant find a coffee or dining table that is just right, a bed that you can only dream of, or even a full kitchen that is really tailored to you and your lifestyle then we can help.

Take a look at our past work and see how we can solve your problem of individuality and style all custom made to a high standard



Elphius flux's inspiration comes from the treasure we find and the places we find them. 


We believe that each piece has its own unique story and the adventure for us is to rework and repurpose these pieces into functional stylish items and add a new chapter to their story. 


Elphius Flux believes in taking something that is 'unloved' and transforming it into something

beautiful, sustainable, and suitable for modern living. If you believe in this too, an Elphius Flux piece is for you.



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