Seasons Bar Custom Made Poser Table
Wall mounted coffee station

Small space wall mounted coffee station created for Shabby Chic hair salon

Handmade sign

mixed metals and hand cut letters create a very distinctive sign for Speedwell House Bed and Breakfast Castleton

industrial log store

A perfect companion to a wood burner , beautiful custom made log store nestled alongside an open fire at Junction Bar Chesterfield

Rustic industrial fire surround

Quirky combination of rustic and industrial style to create a truly unique fireplace

Chunky coffee table

Small chunky coffee table in lounge area of Junction Bar

Poser bar

Cross base poser bar

10ft table and bench from reclaimed

The largest table and bench set we have worked on , but it looks stunning in Junction Bar Chesterfield

Poser bar

Industrial style poser bar

Standard lamp with a twist

When is a vacuum cleaner head not a vacuum cleaner head, when its a standard lamp

Press for Prosecco button

Cute little Press for Prosecco buttons . the reciever unit is behind the bar with a table number on each one

Glamorous gold shelving unit

industrial look softened with a colour change creating warm elegant style

poser bar Three Cottages

The ultimate poser bar, a reflective brass panel to check out your hair whilst sipping a cocktail or two

Industrial coffee table

industrial coffee table in a comfy bar area at The Three Cottages

overhead lighting rig

Overhead industrial lighting rig

Light up spirit cabinet

hand cut light box topping off a ground metal locker trio to display ...well its obvious really

Window display unit

Stand alone window display with vintage style footlights

Counter for Beer District

Wild wild west style counter with copper top and foot bar

gin cabinet

A very special cabinet indeed, custom designed to light up like an old school petrol pump and have a secure door to keep its precious contents safe. Created for a specialist craft beer shop . The Beer District Buxton

Beer District Buxton

Industrial shelving for a incredible beer and gin shop in Buxton . We worked on this from design to completion. A wonderful project to create


This was a labour of love, cleaning this engine intake fan and turning it into a beautiful custom table with a toughened glass top. Now residing in TwoTwenty's waiting room.


The Three Cottages Coffee Bar Made from reclaimed timber and custom designed to suit clients brief


a fun commercial kitchen light, created from vintage kitchenware

Bottle Jack Chairs (Handle)

This stylish chair was created using a collection of discarded items brought to life, creating an unusual focus piece . Presently residing in a hair salon